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We’ll Write Your Book

Ghostwriting services are available – we will work with up to 4 authors a year.  The types of books we will write are memoirs, business/professional books, professional branding, and other works of non-fiction. Your name will appear exclusively as the author and you will own all rights.


The process: 

  • Brainstorm about the book’s “reason for being,” its scope and trajectory

  • Create a basic list of chapters.

  • Create a detailed outline

  • Interview you or have you record content as you follow the outline

  • Create “style pages” that capture your voice and style

  • Write a complete draft

  • Revise drafts up to three rounds

  • Send to a professional copy editor for review

  • Send to a professional proofreader


Timing: 3 to 6 months


125-page book starting at $12,000

250-page book starting at $20,000

Learn more about our services.

Manuscript to Publication

Book Launch Marketing

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We will write your book

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