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The Three Tomatoes Media Platform

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The Three Tomatoes is a lifestyle media platform for smart, savvy, accomplished women over 40. It consists of several newsletter a week to over 15,000 loyal subscribers, a robust web site with over 40,000-page views a month, a weekly podcast, live events, and a large social media following. This is a powerful marketing platform for authors with books that would appeal to our audience.  We will create a 3-month marketing campaign via The Three Tomatoes web site and newsletters:

  • Dedicated emails to our audience

  • Ads in our newsletter and web site

  • Book review at The Three Tomatoes

  • We will post a review at Amazon and Goodreads

  • Opportunity to sell your book at one or more of our events

  • Opportunity to be a guest on our podcast


PRICE:  Starting $3,000

Learn more about our services.

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Marketing via The Three Tomatoes

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