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Here's what our authors have to say...

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"I am so proud to say that my book was the first one published by The Three Tomatoes Publishing. I would have thought Cheryl Benton, the founder, was in the business for decades. From start to finish, she never wavered in her non-ending support, patience, help with anything and everything—from editing, to creating the  book cover, to the artistic layout of my words and illustrations. What more could an author want— first time or seasoned— especially when added to all that, she is an expert in all forms of marketing.  She has my thanks and you, the reader of this, have my heartfelt recommendation of her and her company."

~Jane H. Goldman, author, "With No Regrets...Gettinng Older: Face It, Live It, Love It

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"It was such a pleasurable experience working with Cheryl to publish my first book. It was quick and easy, and I love the fact that she came up with a wonderful title. Here it is, four months later, and I’m expecting to be reviewed in a few weeks by The New York Post!"

~Stephanie Slaone, author, "Dear Me...Poems of Loss, Grief, and Hope in New York's Darkest Days


"The Three Tomatoes Publishing is a supportive and incredibly creative sanctuary for writers.  Cheryl Benton is a consumate professional who goes above and beyond to develop original and creative projects."

~Madlyn Epstein Steinhart, author of "Put Your Boots on and Dance in the Rain."

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"Working directly with Cheryl was simply delightful. My experience from submission to publication was seamless, quick and professional. Cheryl guided me and inspired me in exactly the right way at the right time. The process was empowering and a complete pleasure. "

~Nicole Freezer Rubens, author of "The Long Pause and the Short Breath....Poems and Photos - Reflections of New York City's Pandemic"

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"Cheryl Benton and her Three Tomatoes platform has given me an entirely new insight into a career opportunity. She is so brilliant, imaginative and just plain nice to work with. Who knew this pandemic was going to change us? Cheryl has actually made it an introspective and exciting time of discovery for me. I am so grateful."

~Carol Ostrow, author of "Poems from My Pandemic Pen"


"We the European C-IQ Collective highly recommend Cheryl Benton of the Three Tomatoes publishing company who recently published our book “Changing Conversations for a Changing World”. We found her to be professional, committed and delivered exactly what we agreed. Her guidance on all aspects of publishing is top class. "

~Euoropean C-IQ Collection, "Changing Conversations for a Changing World"


"If ever you aspire to make the seemingly impossible possible in terms of getting yourself published - Cheryl Benton, and her expert team at Three Tomatoes Publishing are the go to. With her delightful, down-to-earth style and quick grasp of what needs to be done, she has the expertise to make it happen. I never imagined that publishing could be so co-creative and uncomplicated! Thank you, Cheryl."

~Charlotte Weston-Horsmann, co-author "Changing Conversations for a Changing World"

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"I chose to publish my award-winning travel memoir, Places I Remember, with The Three Tomatoes Book Publishing. I've published books with major houses in the past, but wanted to make more decisions without compromising support. I especially like that you can customize support as much as you want, from first idea to marketing the book. I highly recommend 3T and would happily work with them again."

~Lea Lane, author "Places I Remember"

"Cheryl really cares; she has been incredibly helpful, encouraging, and prompt throughout the publishing process; she’s a great marketer. I couldn’t have done this without her and The Three Tomatoes! I’m grateful to be one of the chosen ones! Thank you, Cheryl!”

~Arlene Duane Hemingway, author, "A Twist of Lemon"

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"Cheryl and her people at Three Tomatoes Publishing were amazing to work with. Cheryl's enthusiasm, responsiveness, and flexibility made for a smooth and easy experience as we navigated the many details of publishing. We are so grateful we chose them to help bring our book to life!"

~Ginny and Jean Brown, authors, "This Sweet Life, How We Lived After Kirby Died


"Cheryl Benton is a true book publishing professional.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the publishing industry and has the ability to break it down to its simplicity and made our whole book publishing process smooth.  She is a delight to work with and the finished product and the strategic plan she delivered was magnificent."

~Maru and Bill Fox, authors, "Another Interesting Year

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"I recently published my first book with Three Tomatoes Publishing, and couldn’t be more pleased with the support, expertise and partnership that Cheryl and her team provided. Taking my book from submission to final project has been such an empowering experience, and that is not common for first time authors. I recommend Three Tomatoes Publishing to any woman ready to share their passion and ‘cannonball with confidence’.


~Amy Schmidt, author "Cannonball! Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond"

"The most rewarding experience of all my travels has been my journey with Cheryl Benton, the founder of The Three Tomatoes Publishing. Cheryl, and her talented team, published my first novel, Searching for September, through a seamless process and left no stone unturned. Her expertise brought my characters to life by delivering the storyline to an audience that has them buzzing! In just a short time there has been a steady flow of positive feedback and the magic will continue with its sequel.  

Cheryl, thank you for finding value in my work as a writer and empowering me through this learning experience!"  


~Robin A. Lieberman, author of, "Searching for September."


"Passion - Dedication - Professionalism. Those three words describe my personal experience with Cheryl Benton and her amazing team at The Three Tomatoes Publishing company. Passion for me and my voice as an author, providing feedback that was tremendously helpful. Dedication towards the book as it continued to evolve from the first draft to the final version.And last but not least the level of professionalism Cheryl and her team bring to the table."  


~Ute Franzen-Waschke, author "How to Create a Successful Remote Work Culture"

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""My first book, ROAD TRIPS, poems, was published with The Three Tomatoes.  Cheryl Benton was always quick to reply to my questions during the process and she added a lovely friendly touch to the procedure. All of my concerns were thoroughly addressed, and Cheryl extends herself in many ways to help support the project. I am beyond pleased with the artistic and magnificent appearance of my finished book. The Three Tomatoes published my second book, the marjorie cartoons, lulz, and we are in the process of preparing my third book for publication." 


~Marjorie J. Levine, author "ROAD TRIPS, poems" and "the marjorie cartoons, lulz"

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""My children’s therapy book was written and sitting on my desk for years. I had no idea where to go with it or what to do with it until I met Cheryl. With her invaluable guidance and constant support, Every Day is Funday with Grandma Stella was being sold on Amazon in 4 months, with illustrations by Susan Herbst that captured the spirit of the characters that only existed in my mind until then. I am grateful every day to Cheryl for her consummate professionalism, quick responses, and unending patience for my many, many questions. I will certainly be calling on The Three Tomatoes Book Publishing for all my future ventures." 


~Linda Ganzenmuller, PsyD, author, Everyday is Funday with Grandma Stella 

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"When Cheryl Benton said she would publish my book I was ecstatic.  This was June. I wondered if we could get it out in time for the holidays.  Cheryl said “yes” and we did. It was my first book; I had no idea what was involved.  Cheryl explained everything in clear layman terms – precise and always to the benefit of the project.  Never lost her patience.  It’s been an absolutely wonderful experience!  Thank you, Cheryl.


~Alyce Finell (author)with Ed Kurtzman (illustrator), Puncilitis and Other Diseases Not Curable by Punicillin


"I am so grateful to Cheryl Benton for her enthusiasm about publishing my business memoir. She is a wonderful editor, and throughout the publishing process was a delight to work with.  She is professional, extremely patient, and provided the guidance I needed every step of the way."

~April Merenda, author "It's Your Life...LIVE IT!


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"Working with Cheryl Benton and Valerie Smaldone at the Three Tomatoes to produce my audiobook has been a truly wonderful experience. Not only did Cheryl oversee every aspect of the process with professionalism, wisdom, and insight, she is incredibly kind and pleasant to work with. I am beyond grateful to Cheryl and Valerie for finding the absolute perfect vocal talent in Laura Patinkin to narrate. And now I consider all three women new friends who have enriched my life. From beginning to end, the decision to go forward with my audiobook has far exceeded my already very high expectations!" 

~Kate Somerset, "Mom...You just need to get laid."


The Three Tomatoes Publishing, was a joy to work with. Founder Cheryl Benton is a gifted content editor, an astute businesswoman, and creative genius. She is supported by a quick, extremely thorough copy editor, a creative and flexible cover designer and an interior designer who not only does an excellent job on the design but also picked up inconsistencies that none of us had noticed. Their support, knowledge, and attention to detail made bringing my book to life a wonderful experience. 

~Dr. Susan R. Meyer, author, "I'm Susan and I'm a Serial Careerist" 

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