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There are many more options to getting published these days than just through traditional publishers, a process that usually requires an agent, can take up to two years, and offers fairly low royalties.


There are hybrid publishers  where you pay them and then share in royalties.

There is the self-published option, where you do everything, including all your marketing (the most critical factor after a good book and one that is often left to the author, even with traditional publishers). 


And now there’s another option – The Three Tomatoes Book Publishing 

We are looking for a few select authors


Our goal is to work with a few select authors each year, to bring their books to fruition.

Women's  voices need to be heard and their stories need to be told


We are particularly interested in books by women for women over forty that can be marketed via The Three Tomatoes media platform to our audience of women over 40.

Are you ready?

If you have a concept or finished manuscript, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Learn more about our services.

Manuscript to Publication

Book Launch Marketing

Marketing via The Three Tomatoes

Post Launch Marketing


We'll write your book

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